We connect with our clients and produce meaningful, sustainable results. We consider it our responsibility to not only help our clients meet their tourism objectives, but also to make working with us one of the things they like best about their jobs.


Here’s a partial list of Clients that have employed our strategic talents to their advantage:


  • Nha Trang Tourism / Vietnam Tourism Board
    Tourism plan for the establishment of a ‘Business Tourism Expo’ in Nha Trang

  • Tourism Australia
    Research and audit of niche market international sectors within the business tourism arena and strategic inputs on growth strategy marketing plans

  • Serbia / Belgrade Tourism Organisations 
    Project supported by USAID. Extensive Human Capital skills development of public and private sector organisations in Serbia


  • Namibia Tourism
    Business tourism growth strategy and new product development plan; Human Capital skills development

  • Tourism Council Zambia
    Project supported by USAID. Audit of business tourism facilities in Lusaka and Livingstone; Human Capital skills development of public and private sector organisations

  • Cameroon
    Project supported by the Commonwealth Secretariat. Destination branding and development strategy

  • Tourism Grading Council of South Africa
    Audit and niche markets plan as well as marketing and sales strategy

  • Tshwane International Convention Centre 
    Feasibility and a tourism master plan for the establishment of the new TICC

  • North West Parks and Tourism Board 
    Human Capital skills development as well as a business tourism blueprint strategy plan

  • Sandton International Convention Centre  
    Database audit and strategic sales strategy inputs; Human Capital skills development

  • Oudtshoorn Management Forum
    Master tourism growth strategy plan

  • Knysna Tourism
    Master tourism growth strategy plan

  • City of Tshwane
    Human Capital skills development

‘Quality in a service is not what you put into it, it is what the client gets out of it.’